Diffuserlove 500ML Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • 【Quiet Ultrasonic Operation】This diffuser oil is extremely quiet when working. Humidify your living space to prevent dry, the released negative ions enhance your mood for a happy life.
  • 【500ML Large Capacity 】The diffuser is 500ML large capacity ,the working time up to 8 hours.
  • 【Safety Protection and Auto-off】Designed with waterless auto-off function, this essential oil diffuser will turn off automatically when water runs out for your safety and the protection of diffuser.
  • 【7 Colors Mood Light with 4 Timer】Setting The oil diffuser for essential oils with 7 LED Lights, adjustable between bright and dim modes, and could be set steady on turn off through by press ‘LIGHT’. The timer from 1H, 3H,6H or ON for your reference.
  • 【Note】Please adjust the appropriate time as needed and read the instructions carefully.



Diffuserlove Diffuser 500ML Essential Oil Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode

Note:After using 5-6 times or 3-5 days,please clean the diffuser as the instruction manual!

Adjust mist:
The mist can adjust big and small,press the mist button 2-3 second when you listen the bleep,the mist adjust success.

Diffuser essential oils give you and your family a sweet dream or provide a pleasant environment for sturdy, working and living.
Automatic shut off safety system when waterless protects the product from being burned out.
This essential oil diffuser has 7 colors mood light to choose from. Put it in your bedroom and accompany them for a great sleep. Ultrasonic operation will not disturb your study, work or sleep.
Fog/timer button:
a.Press once: fog mode for 1 hours
b.Press twice: fog mode for 3 hours
c.Press the third: fog mode for 6 hours
d.Press the fourth:turn off the diffuser

Light button:
a.Press once:Turn on the LED light,change the color automatically,rotate 7 colors.
b.Press two times:manually change the LED color.
c.Hold down for 2 seconds:turn off the light

Package included:
1xEssential Oil Diffuser
1x Measuring cup
1xUser Manual

4553 reviews for Diffuserlove 500ML Essential Oil Diffuser

  1. Diana Filice

    It’s nice and calming.it is not the same colour as advertised on the box – which is supposed to be black.

  2. Devyn Gourley

    The product is super convenient to setup and seems to be made of great quality.

  3. Ayra Crisostomo

    A good thing about it is that the mist is quite powerful compared to another brand I had before. The remote makes it easy to operate and the lights have a good variety. It’s not too big, the design is simple yet eye-catching.

  4. Deborah FLoody

    I’m having difficulty figuring out the bottons on machine, I use the remote and guess. Not sure what the fill line is.

  5. Marion Onolack

    I love this diffuser. It has a great look and design. I love that it changes colours. I also love the fact that it has several settings.

  6. Maria Ochoa

    Love it so far no issues works well.

  7. Daisha Chesterfield

    I love that it comes with a remote so I don’t have to get up to turn it on etc

  8. Yelena Chirino

    I like odor. I love it the aromatherapy is the best. Recommend 100%

  9. Florence Gomez

    I love the look of the diffuser and how it fit with my decor

  10. Kristine Lundquist

    Enjoying it – woks well in our great room

  11. Niraj Sinha

    Hey, I just opened the box and started it, so I can’t really say much. It’s smelling nice for sure.

  12. Marina Fedotova

    The design is great. Hoope it will work for a long time

  13. Riki Levy

    I only just opened the package, I’d be happy to share my thoughts later on

  14. Hamida hairan

    It is a good and beautiful product it is asthmatic and it fits in whit any type of mood and it doesn’t stand out too much but it makes a big difference

  15. Ted Worley

    I chose this particular diffuser for the price and shape.

  16. Trina Washington

    I love the way it has my house smelling quickly


    Good for small areas such as an office space.

  18. Karen Lane

    This is my second, and larger, diffuser from Diffuserlove. I purchased it because I have been really happy with my first one and wanted a second one for another room.

  19. kristine tarallo

    It looks nice love the lights and it leaves a great smell

  20. Lisa Jenkins

    I chose this item randomly wanted to try something new besides sprays and candles, I think this is way better than both of them.

  21. Frances Banks

    Not as powerful mist, but I read where it varies. The unit also seems to stay on longer than my last one, so that’s a plus. The colors are great.

  22. Angela Troutman

    I love the design and the shape of the diffuser.

  23. Ronda Mitchell

    Seems to be leaking and lid doesn’t stay on well

  24. Janae Harris

    -The product itself is beautiful!

    – I love how the brand name is shown on the front of the diffuser.

    -I enjoy being able to use a remote control for the settings on the diffuser.

    -Great product!

  25. traci kujawa

    Just started using diffuser. It’s nice in color. I like the lighted colors. And the remote is nice to to have too. Works great.

  26. Ginette Vincent

    Came in on time. Nice design with remote.

  27. Frank DiGangi

    I like the style, the shape of the unit, the ease of the remote

  28. Ashley Abel

    I love the design of this diffuser! I like that you are able to turn the mist dispenser at the top in any direction you would like. The remote feature to the diffuser is also a great addition!

  29. Harpreet Singh

    It’s very good and useful considering the dry winter air. The design is also great and functions as expected. Changing lights also give it a bit of personality.

  30. Carmen Wills

    Like it and its great and i use it in the room and living room and my bedroom and it just great to use

  31. Michelle Hays

    Looking for a diffuser that does not make the dripping noise

  32. Kaitlyn Liseski

    Beautiful diffuser, works great and love that it still has the colors but only a small amount it’s the perfect ambiance

  33. Gretchen Gilliland

    I love the look of this product. I have very llarge open house and I can smell it all over. It is quiet and looks very good. Directions were easy and great!.I will definitely be buying more for myself and for gifts. I highly recommend.

  34. Gianna Ng

    I am impress with this design. I also like that it has a 500ml water chamber . I love that it has a remote.

  35. Sarvesh Neupane

    I really like the product. Its very compact and does the job that it is built to do.

  36. AngieShanks

    I’ve only had it for a day but right out of the box it works great so far. Just like advertised. Lovely shape and it puts out a great amount of vapor, unlike my last diffuser. I am happy with my purchase so far.

  37. Jennifer Achebe

    My son who has slow development promoted me to buy some essential oils which they said helps with brain development in children with slow development. I have had these essential oils but haven’t found the right diffuser to use. Reviews about this product made me go for it and I am loving it already. I especially like that it has humidification in addition to aromatherapy.

  38. Ted Long

    Been using for a day now. Really produces a great fragrance

  39. Stephanie Gonzalez

    I bought the same brand as my previous diffuser because it worked so well.

  40. William Lorenz

    Looks good and seems to work good

  41. Linda L Garman

    I am very pleased with my choice for a diffuser. I have another one of different design and it is a bit large for the area I wanted to use the new one. So, this size is working out very well.

  42. Timothy j schuler

    I love the design, and color pattern, and that it came with a filling cup. The water amount is perfect for my needs.

  43. Karen Bauer-Sanley

    Easy to use and clean. No little nooks and crannies that you can’t get at to clean

  44. Janice Hartley

    Pretty and functional. Works great. Cool light feature.

  45. Shae Gillman

    Love the design and how easy it is to use

  46. Lakhinder Jit Singh Vohra

    Ok not very effective in bathroom stinks

  47. Shamira Olson

    I love it.. the light on it and how it fills the room with it oil…. it brings peace.

  48. Consuelo

    Me gusr
    Ta muchooo mantiene mi casa olorosa y acogedora

  49. Quinton Reid

    The product seems to be a good product

  50. Sarah Mondragon

    I love the intermittent feature and the capacity of this diffuser! It makes my entire condo smell amazing!

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