Diffuserlove 200ML Essential Oil Diffusers

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  • 【 MAX 200ML Great Improve Air Qualities 】 Essential oil diffuser humidifiers can product a large number of negative oxygen ion sterilize, remove dust and purify air effectively. Portable for baby room, bedroom, office, spa, kitchen, and more!
  • 【 Easily Operation and Lower Noise 】 Drop essential oils into ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers(below -35dB), run steady and noiselessly, give you a quiet and comfortable environment. Replenish water and nutrition into cells, make skin moist, clean, white and natural.
  • 【 Streamlined design of 7 LED Lights 】Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser have 7 different colors. You can choose to cycle them through, freeze on one fixed color and create a different atmosphere of interior space or turn the light off.
  • 【 Waterless Auto Shut-off Function 】Once the water runs out, it will be auto shut-off to protect the device. Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving.
  • 【 If you have any issue with your diffuser, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount! We have great faith in our essential oil diffusers. After all, we use them in our homes ourselves!


3779 reviews for Diffuserlove 200ML Essential Oil Diffusers

  1. Phyllis Harris

    I just opened my Diffuser i love the way it has my house smelling

  2. sheila

    I finally got around to using this product and followed the directions and it is working perfectly so far.

  3. Angel Patrice Stokes

    I’m. A massage therapist. I bought a diffuser and i don’t really like it. . It doesn’t dispute the scent very well. This product is simple, and compact but dispurses the essential oils wonderfully and with in seconds.

  4. Natalia

    Me gusto mucho el producto. Excelente. Me encanta como el ambiente se refresca con el mismo. El cambio de luces me gusta y más cuando está las luces apagadas. Pienso que es una excelente inversión. Me gustaría que traerá control remoto.

  5. Amy Chang 100 68

    I’ve been using this since I bought it. The design is great, simple and elegant. Also it is really easy to use. Very intuitive.

  6. Natasha Purdum

    I have always wanted a diffuser and decided to purchase this one based on the price and customer reviews. It did not disappoint. Great product. Would definitely recommend.

  7. Bridget Davis

    I’ve tried this after I purchased others, they seem to be a lot better.So I purchased a few more of these as gifts.

  8. Lourdes Ramos

    I love this diffuser! It helps me to relax.

  9. Michael Enos

    I love the different colors and even though it’s small, you can smell the oil in the whole room.

  10. Eric

    So far it’s been great, I actually had someone ask me about it just the other day. I told him that it was great and I got it on Amazon.

  11. DeLyle Dvorak

    Nice appearance. Have been hospitalized & looking forward to using the item.

  12. Mayer Alexander

    Einfach Perfect kannst nur weiter empfehlen

  13. Katharina Zink

    I love it, it is great. Great for the air and the sound is not loud. I also like the colour and the style of the product. I recommend it a lot. Thank you so much

  14. Fulya Idil Öztürk

    I overall liked the product, it doesn’t make much voice and functions good! I already recommended it to my friends.

  15. Andrew-Mike Fornes

    I like that difuser very much with those oils it could be a little bigger plusxthat changing light is great

  16. Melanie Lang

    It was perfect for me and my actually situation. I have problems with sleep. The product helps me to sleeps better.

  17. Ginger maurer

    Love the mist and colors. And especially the oils are fabulous

  18. Maria Kieser

    I just Love this product because it relaxes me a lot and the smell is just so amazing. I am using right now the lemongras flavour and it remindes me of wellness/ spa day.

  19. Emma Scharf

    Das Produkt hat mir sehr gefallen.Cih konnte besser einschlafen es hat mir bei Kopfschmerzen geholfen.Es ist sehr endspannend und ich kann gut währenddessen lernen. Insgesamt gefällt mir das Produkt.

  20. Katharina Madsen

    Der Diffuser macht, was er soll – für den Preis wirklich top!

  21. Denis Ammersken

    Funktioniert bisher einwandtfrei. Tolle Einstellungsmöglichkeiten wie Licht, Timer usw.
    Hoffe die Qualität bleibt auf längere Zeit bestehen

  22. Kristin Brokenbough

    The diffuserlove is just what I wanted

  23. Christian Reschberger

    Its a nice product with a lot of colours

  24. Melanie Gehrmann

    Sehr zufrieden, nette Farben, sehr leise, die zeitschaltuhr gefällt mir.

  25. Linda Dedrick

    Nice product but the top portion comes of extremely easy and if not extremely careful the water speals out all over.

  26. Demacy Monte-Parker

    I like it. I got it for my mom. love the remote

  27. Geissler

    The Product is very Good But the water tank should be a Little bit Bigger also the fog should be more powerful

  28. Ursula Hetche

    It’s very good, it does what it should be so I like it and I’m fine with the design.

  29. Franziska

    Nice colors and functionality but the noise is a little louder than expected.

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