Diffuserlove 200ML Essential Oil Diffusers

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  • 【 MAX 200ML Great Improve Air Qualities 】 Essential oil diffuser humidifiers can product a large number of negative oxygen ion sterilize, remove dust and purify air effectively. Portable for baby room, bedroom, office, spa, kitchen, and more!
  • 【 Easily Operation and Lower Noise 】 Drop essential oils into ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers(below -35dB), run steady and noiselessly, give you a quiet and comfortable environment. Replenish water and nutrition into cells, make skin moist, clean, white and natural.
  • 【 Streamlined design of 7 LED Lights 】Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser have 7 different colors. You can choose to cycle them through, freeze on one fixed color and create a different atmosphere of interior space or turn the light off.
  • 【 Waterless Auto Shut-off Function 】Once the water runs out, it will be auto shut-off to protect the device. Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving.
  • 【 If you have any issue with your diffuser, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount! We have great faith in our essential oil diffusers. After all, we use them in our homes ourselves!


2748 reviews for Diffuserlove 200ML Essential Oil Diffusers

  1. Macobia Harris

    Though the scent and pressure were strong when I first tried it I quickly learned the controls.

  2. Kevin Brant

    Like the water size and changing colors

  3. Ashtynn Zakovec

    Really good and great for anytime, love the colors.

  4. Brittany E Collins

    I have wanted to try essential oils for a while; I am very pleased with my experience so far


    I like it I think it’s just the right size for what I want to do with it

  6. Robin Allen

    The Aroma diffuser is very easy to operate. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand.

  7. Keandra McCall

    I just go the product today so I’m actually enjoying it

  8. Shalottie Mosley

    I love it! It’s quite relaxing and spreads the oils throughout the room!

  9. Sah Ribeiro

    I really enjoyed, my kids loved, the colors and, is small, so fit on any place…

  10. Kaysan Amin

    The product is nice so far. The colors of the diffuser are very calming and it is very simple to use. I even got a free gift!

  11. Patty Boyd

    I ordered 3 of these, one for each bathroom. Both my husband and I love them. Thank you.

  12. Brooke Elward

    The steam is slightly cold and I guess since I have never owned one, I thought it’d be warmer. It is really nice and I no longer wake up with a sore throat. Great size for a bedroom and end table. Colors look awesome and works well out of the box.


    Works very well help sooth and puts my son to sleep when he’s aggravated. Helps me relax and opens my nostrils when congested. I am very pleased with this product.

  14. Evelina Zabawa

    A little loud whirring sound but it turns into ambiance after a while. Good and easy to use.


    I love this product, it’s convenience. Just that I need in my room. The size is perfect to my night table.

  16. Ana Lukic

    It was really simple to setup and start using it. We just added water and a few drops of essential oil and the room was soon filled with the aroma..

  17. Jamie Scholz

    Love the design. It doesn’t take up much room, the lid is easy to remove, and it’s easy to fill and clean. We love the lights too. Great product.

  18. Melissa Isidor

    i like the product through i don’t often talk much about my purchases with people.

  19. Hope

    It works great and love the lights on it the most is perfect like amount that comes out the light has a dim setting

  20. Taarna Wingerd

    This diffuser is awesome! It’s cute, small, and works just how I need it to. My only words of criticism would be that it has a hum to it. I’ve had diffusers in the past that were quieter, but it’s definitely not a huge deal breaker. Overall great product!

  21. Amy

    Amazing product love it works perfectly and so smooth makes me relax

  22. Prestina Debraux

    This is the perfect size for my nightstand. The colors are beautiful. This mist began as soon as it was plugged in. I am happy to have this to relieve my sinuses and allergies. Breathing better will also help avoid asthma attacks. I can tell the difference right away. I definitely will be giving these as gifts this year.

  23. Ennis

    This awesome, I absolutely love this, great girl , get now !!! Sooooooooo good .

  24. Johnathon TUREK

    This diffuser is wonderful especially for the price point. My son wanted one in his room, he loves the colors and it makes his room smell wonderful.

  25. Lucy Rauch

    I haven’t even had it for a day, but it makes my room smell amazing and the LEDs have beautiful colors.!

  26. Angela

    I originally bought this for niece, and when she set it up it really made the room smell nice. Eventually I found that it actually sets a calmly mood for the house, so I ended up getting one for myself.

  27. Damien mcmullen

    Nice size … Price is very reasonable ,, like that it has usb port …

  28. Teshemia Perdue

    Daughter loves it perfect for night light as well definitely a plus for it to be BPA free

  29. Lauren brown


  30. Lisa L Smith

    I love this. Gonna buy like 5 more soon. Donyou have any amazon coupon codes for this product?
    To order that many was hoping for a good deal?

  31. Vicki J Allen

    Very nice, just the right size.

  32. Jamie Malito

    Very cute. Love the changing light colors.


    love how light and easy it is I use it it at work in my office and everyone ask if I have a plug in in

  34. Aimee Lam

    The color cycles are soothing and appealing to look at as I love seeing different colors. It would be nice to have a remote as part of the product. So far so good!

  35. Eunice

    I really love this product it is so nice and you should buy it.

  36. Tearia Wilks

    It’s very nice colorful and has great features.

  37. Donna Wilson

    This is replacing a Radha Beauty 160ml diffuser that just died. I saw this one had way more stars and positive reviews on Amazon, so I decided to give it a try. Plus it was about $5 less money. So started using it today, and so-far-so good!

  38. Pamala Hunt

    I live the lighting feature and the fact that it has 3 settings for how you want the most dispensed.

  39. Helen E Selendy

    I really like the size, that it’s small enough to fit almost anywhere in the home and it’s very easy to use.

  40. Sally Law

    I bought one of these for my son and we adored it so I bought another one for our house.

  41. Melissa Taylor

    Seems great so far. Purchased for my daughter’s room. She loves the different lights on it.

  42. Melissa Duncan

    Ease of use and and good quality for the price

  43. Lindsay Smith

    I absolutely love my diffuser the colors are absolutely beautiful

  44. Nicole Louise Hunt

    Nice small perfect for my daughter’s bed room.

  45. Taryn

    It is very nice and compact. For being small, it does a great job and I love all of the different light up settings. Great product

  46. Jordan Fisher

    The best humidifier we have purchased! So easy to use and we love the colors.

  47. Danielle Harrison

    I love that these automatically shut off when the water is out so I don’t damage the unit and my 7-year-old loves the lights and the yummy scents. An added bonus of free essential oils is amazing! Thank you!!

  48. Ayan

    I love the product it’s super convenient and nice if you’re looking for a cheap and good product please get this diffuser it is very good and I love it!

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