Diffuserlove 500ML Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • 【Quiet Ultrasonic Operation】This diffuser oil is extremely quiet when working. Humidify your living space to prevent dry, the released negative ions enhance your mood for a happy life.
  • 【500ML Large Capacity 】The diffuser is 500ML large capacity ,the working time up to 8 hours.
  • 【Safety Protection and Auto-off】Designed with waterless auto-off function, this essential oil diffuser will turn off automatically when water runs out for your safety and the protection of diffuser.
  • 【7 Colors Mood Light with 4 Timer】Setting The oil diffuser for essential oils with 7 LED Lights, adjustable between bright and dim modes, and could be set steady on turn off through by press ‘LIGHT’. The timer from 1H, 3H,6H or ON for your reference.
  • 【Note】Please adjust the appropriate time as needed and read the instructions carefully.



Diffuserlove Diffuser 500ML Essential Oil Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode

Note:After using 5-6 times or 3-5 days,please clean the diffuser as the instruction manual!

Adjust mist:
The mist can adjust big and small,press the mist button 2-3 second when you listen the bleep,the mist adjust success.

Diffuser essential oils give you and your family a sweet dream or provide a pleasant environment for sturdy, working and living.
Automatic shut off safety system when waterless protects the product from being burned out.
This essential oil diffuser has 7 colors mood light to choose from. Put it in your bedroom and accompany them for a great sleep. Ultrasonic operation will not disturb your study, work or sleep.
Fog/timer button:
a.Press once: fog mode for 1 hours
b.Press twice: fog mode for 3 hours
c.Press the third: fog mode for 6 hours
d.Press the fourth:turn off the diffuser

Light button:
a.Press once:Turn on the LED light,change the color automatically,rotate 7 colors.
b.Press two times:manually change the LED color.
c.Hold down for 2 seconds:turn off the light

Package included:
1xEssential Oil Diffuser
1x Measuring cup
1xUser Manual

4553 reviews for Diffuserlove 500ML Essential Oil Diffuser

  1. Jessica Brissey

    Works great and quiet!! Easy to set up and has the whole room smelling amazing

  2. M Benoit

    Diffuserlove product seems to be as advertized. Seems to work great so far.

  3. Lisa Ambrose

    Very nice looking and functionality is great. Looks better in person than on the website.

  4. Candice Manzer

    So far its working great! It had a great price tag as well! Thank you

  5. B. Higgs

    So far works as expected. I need more time with it to ensure it continues to work as expected.

  6. Jessica Hirsch

    Like it so far. Easy to set up. Love the changing colors and like how you can chose how long you would like diffuser to run for.

  7. Margaux Wilkerson

    Cute functional Sleek design I love the color changing option it is very pretty. I look forward to going to bed with this going in the background. It is very quiet and soothing

  8. Pamela Exum

    Emits fragrance very well! I would prefer a longer operating time. Overall, so far so good.

  9. Jody Reding

    Today was my first day with your product. This is my Second Diffuser my first one was from another Company and it only lasted about 1 year, I loved it but with that being said I thought I would try another brand to test the time. The only thing I noticed right off the start is the output does not seem very strong and I did try it on both mist settings.
    My other Diffuser had a much stronger mist output. but we will see how it goes.

  10. Emma Perez

    Love this diffuser, works perfect. You can adjust the amount of mist coming out, you can turn off the light and keep the mist functioning while you’re sleeping without the bothering light, it has a big reservoir which allows a long use each time. I have various diffusers but this is the best. 100% recommended

  11. Brandy Turner

    I absolutely adore it! I works great and is very stylish. I love the mist options and that I can pick just one color I want it to be. Very happy

  12. Kristen Blakeley

    I love the look and how it makes my room smell great

  13. Darla Alexander

    Just got my diffuser. Love it so far.

  14. Amira Lions

    I wrote you a rave review on Amazon, my name there is “Sunshine.”
    1. A lifetime warranty is unheard of for diffusers and humidifiers. I was worried that the essential oil would make it crack or melt as some others have complained about other brands.
    2. A free gift of 6 bottles of essential oils with no shipping charge is unheard of for diffusers and humidifiers.
    3. I LOVE the large tank!
    4. I LOVE that the essential oil goes in the water, it smells so good!
    5. I love that the cover is one molded piece of plastic and not some faux wood grain “coated” thing that will start to peal away.
    6. Thank you so much for everything!

  15. Shanon Davidson

    So far so good. I will be using it in my classroom for special needs students

  16. Keith Perry

    Looks better than the pictures, runs quite, fills a large room. Packaging was nice and easy setup.

  17. Mark Mielniczek

    This product works well and fills the room with fresh smells. Its attractive design add aesthetic to the room.

  18. Kayla Oswald

    It’s awesome that you guys do this! I chose this product for its design and it’s ability to hold enough to keep it going without constantly having to fill it up!

  19. Megan Brown

    Really like the product. The only thing I was slightly disappointed in was the color. It looks black, but it’s actually a dark brown wood grain color.

  20. Sarita Aslani

    I am a new diffuserlove customer but I received it as a gift 10 days ago and I loved it so much, I ordered a second one.
    I love the design, the price and the warranty

  21. Vanessa Casas

    So far so good! I really like how it goes through all downstairs!! I can even get the scent upstairs as well.

  22. Marcie Dargusch

    Set up is very easy, and the cup is so handy! It’s nice and quiet and immediately started producing a fine mist as soon as I turned it on. Disperses scent throughout the house-I love it!

  23. Mary Christine Talampas

    Very classic design and the price is unbeatable!


    I love it. Works like I need it too.

  25. Brenda Direnzo

    Good product. I have no issues with this prduct

  26. Laura Tenbus

    I love the design. I think the shape is unique and I like that it changes depending on the angle.

  27. Brittany mcdermott

    Diffuser is working great! Setup was very simple and took less than a couple minutes to get the diffuser going! Love the colors and different timer options!

  28. Philip Cefalo

    I chose this product based on other customer reviews. I am very happy with my purchase. The diffuser works well and as it is described. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a device such as this.

  29. Philip Reynolds

    I enjoy the product great way to keep myself focused when studying. Also it does a great job making my room smell nice quickly and without having to burn through candles.

  30. Tina Hamacher

    I love how I can set it for up to 6 hours however I wish it had a bigger reservoir to where I didn’t have to refill it every night.

  31. terry thompson

    IT is beautiful works well and that is just what I wanted thakyou.

  32. Brandie Resha

    I just opened it today. So far it is working well and I like how much water it holds.

  33. Jacqueline Morey

    Have not had a chance to use it yet.

  34. Pamela Joaquin

    It’s a wonderful diffuser. The tank is large enough to last all night, Its elegant look allows me to leave it set up all the time, Its quick and easy to use and clean.

  35. Jasmine Kingi

    So far so good, it would be nice to have different shape options. But the functions are great, and it makes the room smell lovely

  36. Susan Putman

    It looks nice with the decor in our house. We hear with wood so this helps to humidify the air as well as adding a nice scent.

  37. Glenda Harlow

    I love it. The smell and the moisture being put into the air is great.

  38. Horace Powe

    Great Product so far, used it last night really helps with my allergies

  39. Melissa Stanford

    Bought this because another product failed and I needed a new one. Hope this one is as good as the reviews

  40. Jaqulene Harper-Roth


  41. Seongjun Choi

    I love it compare to the price

  42. Kathryn Go

    Love the design of the product and it’s different functions excited to order more!!!

  43. Dwight Haskins

    The dissfuer looks good. I’m pleased with the size and looks forward to using it.

  44. Allison Probus

    It is very easy to use. Has a sleek design and fills up the entire roo.

  45. Stephen Graham

    My diffuser arrived in the mail quickly and in perfect condition. Very nicely packaged with easy to follow directions. I added water and oil, choose the lighting I liked and turned on the machine. I was instantly greeted by a beautiful cloud of orange aroma vape (My wife’s favorite) that quickly filled the room. The unit (I actually bought two) is very stylish and well built and so quite that you can’t hear a thing. I love the product and would buy again.

  46. Ashley Willis

    This diffuser works very good. It makes the rooms smell amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone

  47. Markos Tsourouktzis

    I needed a diffuser and yours looked good.

  48. Patricia Rogers

    Came complete, works great, Easy to use, looks awesome in our kitchen

  49. Kelly Shaw

    I bought this because of its functional design. I plugged it in and followed the directions that were in the box… put in my essential oil and turned it on.. my living room filled with the scent in less than 5 min .. love it so far!

  50. Erin Mullins

    I have only used it once, but works well

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