Diffuserlove Essential Oil Diffuser 500ML Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

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  • 【500ML Great Improve Air Qualities】 Large 500ml water capacity that can continue use up to 10 hours each time. Humidifiers can product a large number of negative oxygen ion sterilize, to purify the air quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect you family from excessively dry air!
  • 【Mute Design】 Deep Sleep ≤ 20dB, run steady and noiselessly, give you a quiet and comfortable environment. Replenish water and nutrition into cells, make skin moist, clean, white and natural.
  • 【 Greatest Gift Choice】Large tank, Easy to clean, BPA free, Multiple mist nebulizer modes and timer, and auto shut-off to protect the device. Multi-functional Essential oil humidifier be built for family life. Your perfect gift.
  • 【7 LED Atmosphere Lamp】 7-color cycle, 1-color fixed. You can choose to cycle them through, freeze on one fixed color and create a different atmosphere of interior space or turn the light off.
  • 【WARRANTY】100% new and one year warranty. If you have any issue with your diffuser, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount!



※As Diffuser, the Ultrasonic design ensure the oil diffuser control the smooth mist for long time. Through essential oils could be used to boost your mood and help prevent allergies as well as from passive smoking.

※As Humidifiers, to increase the moisture in your room. And it will add oxygen molecule to the air that is helpful to relax your body and fall asleep faster, perform better, and enjoy life more.

500ml capacity humidifiers, mist lasts much longer, enjoy life while you can.

※When time is up or there is no water, diffusers device will turn off automatically.

7 Different colors: Green, Dark blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Light blue, White, the mood in different places will be given, imperceptibly influences people’s feelings.

Perfect Gift No matter the occasion, your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, business partners, clients, and more, will truly appreciate it if you have thought of giving them these multifunctional and reliable essential oil diffusers.

Diffuserlove Diffuserlove Diffuserlove Diffuserlove Diffuserlove
Diffuserlove 500ML Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifiers Diffuserlove Max 200ml Diffuser&Night-Light Diffuserlove 2 Pack 200ml Diffuser&Night-Light Diffuserlove 550ml Wood Grain Diffuser Diffuserlove 500ml Wood Grain Diffuser
Capacity 500ML 200ML 200ML 550ML 500ML
Material PP PP PP PP PP
BPA Free
Working Time 10H 6H 6H 12H 10H
Timer Setting ON-60′-120′-180′ 3H/ON/(30s intermittent) 3H/ON/(30s intermittent) 1H-3H-6H-ON 1H-3H-6H-ON
Waterless Auto-off
7 LED Lights

1867 reviews for Diffuserlove Essential Oil Diffuser 500ML Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

  1. candice reaney

    Absolutely love diffusers and this is the best one yet

  2. Dani taylor

    I love the remote and color changing functions!!

  3. Eduardo Javier Yepez Montenegro

    I have just received it today and I found it really useful and practical, good size and functionality.

  4. eddie perrotin

    its good i woukd recommande it to anyone who is looking for the same type of producy

  5. Haley Haddock

    It’s very quiet and the colors are beautiful. I love how it comes with a remote. It’s perfect for a bigger bedroom.

    Just not so fond of how hard it is to see the water limit line and the “Drain” side wording should be BOLDER as this is an important part of the machine and how to use it!

  6. Lucy Lawrence

    I am knew to oils and the diffuser life! I am very much into naturel. I don’t believe in medication for every symptom experienced. I believe medication is a gate way drug that leads from one symptom cured to other multiple sever symptoms. I love having the diffuser and oils to use to relax and destress and sleep better naturally. This product has been great for myself and families intended use.

  7. Kelly Fleming

    I love the multi functions and the remote as I’m disabled and can’t get out of bed to turn it on or off after I go to bed.

  8. Stephanie Gould

    Great size, small & light, easy to move around.
    Quiet and perfect for bedroom

  9. Bernadette Tapawan

    My sister in law recommend this product and I really love it.. I really like this product and this is what Im looking for

  10. Maryam Abdallah

    As of now, I didn’t use it but I know it’ll be a great product! 🙂

  11. Ruchi Jain

    It’s great quality and really helps me relax!

  12. Lily Robbins

    I like the 500mL capacity, it’s bigger than most and the water tank is easily accessible so its easy to refill

  13. Yi Zhang

    Good product so far, really like it. Affordable and good quality.

  14. Michel Bedard

    The product is very nice looking. It’s very quiet and the changing light make it modern.

  15. Bob Bundy

    Fragrance covers the entire room it’s situated in, leaving a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere

  16. eg

    Have not yet tried but looks it contains a lot more volume than the one I had

  17. Angela Petke

    Super easy to use and works great!

  18. Angela Petke

    I use it in my kids bedroom. They love the colors!

  19. Martin Roy

    Work very well, simple to use, great look. Very satisfied of my purchase.

  20. Heather Gaynor

    I like the quietness and it diffuses a lot of mist which I like. I also like the remote setting and that it holds 500Cc of water

  21. Jean-francois Labelle

    Vraiment un bon produit. J’adore votre produit le fonctionnement est facile pour un débutant. Continuez votre bon travail.

  22. Venessa Schreyer

    The only thing I am disappointed in is that it is louder than I hoped it would be.

  23. Chantel Huebsch

    I love this. Everything I always wanted. Love how it’s a night light to and it relaxes me.

  24. Iswarya Mani

    Yet to use fully. Will be able to tell exactly how I fell about the product in the next 60 days

  25. Brittany Gebhart

    Love the size, how simple it is to use and the colouring changing future!

  26. Marie Binder

    It was easy to set up; directions were clear and straight forward. Like that the diffuser can hold 500 ml; which means it would last throughout the day/ night. Would recommend this to a friend.

  27. Benita Douse

    I was anticipating usage based on reviews. But then I got a first hand feel of it and am absolutely in love. It is user friendly and the instructions are easy to follow.

  28. al eumar garcia

    It was very convenient and easy to use. I love that it has a remote. Definitely recommend.

  29. Violet Paul

    The product is a nice sleek design with a cool cup to help with filling.

  30. Sophie Chartrand

    Excellent product excellent product

  31. Neethu Sathyan

    Product is one of the best diffuser available online. I searched a lot for a good product. Really glad i found this lil gem.

  32. Mohd Saoud Haque

    I got the product today and I’m already in love with it. The remote control function is just mind blowing and everything is so easy to set up and use. Colour changing feature is also very cool!

  33. Young Jin Kim

    Great product for affordable price !

  34. Shane Kincaid

    I love it, beautiful design, shape. I love the amount of steam flow. Quiet. I love the different color options. I love the sleek design. I would and will recommend this product to all of my friends and colleagues.

  35. Stephanie

    I like it i dont speak english
    I dont speak english
    I dont speak english it smel good

  36. Hemant Bhagwat

    Haven’t used it yet. Should come with a sample of oils to try.

  37. Scott Rostance

    I just got it and like it so far.

  38. Satya parikh

    Good buy. Maybe need to buy more for all rooms.

  39. Kim Skrypnyk

    I have just started to use it. I love the look of it and so far have no issue with its functionality.

  40. Mathieu Lacombe

    Very satisfied, quick shipping … Great product, work well

  41. Manu Tiwari

    Really cute, noiseless diffuser with decent water capacity.

  42. Nela Porumbel

    I love it, it’s very easy to use. Not nosing.

  43. Maria Yubanas

    I love to cook and my husband complained about the smell of the food that i cook,😅.I have a small diffuser but its not enough to removed all the smells ,so i decided to order a new diffuser and saw your product at amazon has a good review and totally love it from the moment i see it, no more smelly house 🤣

  44. Shamshudin Kassam

    I have only had this product for few days. However, so far we love the look and simplicity of this diffuser
    Will diffinately recommend

  45. Calinda wollmann

    I really love the design of it. Also love the way the diffuser is set up.

  46. Bryan Adair

    The product arrived quickly and as advertised and its automatic shut off was a key selling point.

  47. Boluwatife Ekundayo

    It’s lovely. I have bought it twice now and on both occasions i loved it

  48. Louis Luong

    Size and shape are good, not bulky and unique. I like that it comes with a remote,

  49. Stojan Vlacic

    Good product to eliminate odor after painting. I used it to eliminate odor after stain lumber in my basement

  50. Kisha Preston

    I love the diffuser it’s great!!! I also love the beautiful soft colors when you have on the lights!!!

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