Diffuserlove Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

(643 customer reviews)


  • 【 500ML Humidifiers 】Our aroma essential oil diffuser has a waterless auto shut-off. Thanks to the high water capacity (500 ml) it runs up to 14h. 3 time modes: 1H/3H/6H. Run at the same time can turn on the 7 color lights.
  • 【 High Quality 】With classic wood grain finish, made of BPA free materials, add drops of your favorite essential oil to give your room a fresh, clean scent. It is a good choice to use this lovely diffuser as gifts to your friends and families, lovers.
  • 【 Whisper-quiet 】Super quiet and you can have a better quality of sleep, work, study. As the pace of life is increasing, people may easy to be tired,anxious and hard to get sleep, add several drops of lavender oils to relax your body and fall asleep faster.
  • 【 Waterless Auto Shut-off in Security 】Once the water runs out, the diffuser automatically shuts off to protect from burning out and ensure safety, energy efficiency and peace of mind.
  • 【 Enjoying Life 】Fresh the air with this humidifier on, it can improve skin dryness and other issues as well. Use it to improve your home’s air and atmosphere quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect you and you family from excessively dry.


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Diffuserlove MAX 200ml Diffuser Diffuserlove 500ML Aromatherapy Diffuser Diffuserlove 500ml Wood Grain Diffuser Diffuserlove 250ML Ceramic Diffuser Diffuserlove 550ml Wood Grain Diffuser
Capacity MAX 200ML 500ML 500ML 250ML 550ML
Material PP PP PP Ceramic PP
BPA Free
Working Time 6H 10H 10H 6H 12H
Timer Setting 3H/ON/(30s intermittent) ON-60′-120′-180′ 1H-3H-6H-ON AUTO-1H-3H-6H 1H-3H-6H-ON
Waterless Auto-off
7 LED Lights

643 reviews for Diffuserlove Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

  1. veronique boudreau

    The function with 6h long is great!
    High capacity water.
    The led color is Nice!
    The modern design look pretty in every Room.


    looks pretty. havent used it yet


    Its nice it works well its perfect in our decoration

  4. Maria E Blauner

    I like the size and weight.
    Simple and safe and attractive with any decor

  5. Doreen DeSilva

    Product leaked all over and almost ruined my table

  6. Sandra Thomas

    I like the different times you

  7. Rodger Mares

    I like how much most comes out.

  8. kendrick maynor jr

    this product is very good, smells great and is very comforting

  9. Melissa Silva

    I like the option for different colors and the bigger size

  10. liliana cohen

    exactly what i wanted, right size, nice amount of mist, pretty design, easy to setup

  11. Deanna Curran

    It is beautiful and very effective. I love it

  12. Angelica Villalobos

    I love it! It lasts a long time and the oils smell amazing!!! Highly recommend it!

  13. Tequisha Jenkins

    I love my diffuser. It fits my decor and functions beautifully.

  14. Kylee Bush

    Beautiful design, I love how it has multiple timed settings as well as a set “ON” option.

  15. Karen Thomson

    I like the design and quality product at a fair price. Will by this again for another room in my home.

  16. France Roy

    J,apprécie beaucoup premièrement la livraison rapide et la qualité du produit. Merci beaucoup.

  17. Adam Johnson

    We just received our new Aroma Diffuser
    I love the style and how long it will last before having to fill it up again . I am very happy with my purchase

  18. John N. Conley

    Great capacity, will run all day, no problem. Love, love, love this one!

  19. Olivia Toskey

    I Like the way it works and the way it looks.

  20. Diane Nelson-Winbush

    Beautiful product for the price. Has a great flow so you can indeed smell the oils. Using in the kitchen area which is a very large area and can still smell the oils pretty well.

  21. Melissa Perez

    I just plugged it in and it smells really good.

  22. Alexandra Pires

    Works well. Love the light colours

  23. ADAN Truong, Hung Phu

    the bottle looks good and satisfied

  24. Kevin Johnson

    Hdkhs hsihevej usuvehu uehhehxu heuhehdh u3hevveh jdhhdhxuhxhuwkej

  25. Ms Shirley Hutchins

    I love the versatility of the different times to run the diffuser.

  26. Brenden Rheault

    It’s amazing and very sweet design, very different from others

  27. Kristy Wirstiuk

    Its the perfect size for your nightstand. I love the numerous time functions and the changing LED light.

  28. Debbie Fimrite 2126

    Perfect. I’ve been wanting a diffuser all year.

  29. Lyndon Johnston

    it is compact and when I get home I smell a fresh aroma throughout the house

  30. Catalina Powell

    This is the first diffuser I have purchased that works really well. I would recommend this to my friends and family!

  31. Tiffany Deshotels

    Beautifully designed. Large tank lasts a while between refills.

  32. Nirmal Virk

    its really well designed and fuctions Are very easy i also like led colour

  33. Xinyi Zhang

    It‘s really comfortable to use and it is easy to use it. No noise at all which is really excellent. I like the design very much!

  34. Melissa glisson

    It’s a cute design but I expected it to be a little more sturdy.

  35. Dan

    Love this product. Love its huge water capacity and price.

  36. Dannesha Sullivan

    It’s okay, build quality could be better but it’s okay

  37. Tia Ross

    It’s an absolutely beautiful design and kind of looks like art in my yoga room. It’s also very quiet.

  38. Rosario Mante

    It is beautiful design, very attractive and functions well. Great mist even with lower setting

  39. Line Chiasson

    I have just received my diffuser…..it looks awesome….and has a big reservoir…..Love the design!!!

  40. Roland Evans

    loved it.been using it all day.

  41. Christina Rinios

    Love the beautiful design of this diffuser. The functionality is perfect. There’s a timer and light changing options which I absolutely love. Getting another one for another part of the house soon!

  42. Kimberly Thomas Carter

    Quiet.. works great..no issues with it. Love that it shuts off

  43. Grace pineda

    It’s perfect for my living room

  44. Grinly I Seijo

    Excellent products, works as describe

  45. Rogelio parra

    I like the capacity and that it has a timer,also is nicely designed.

  46. Yanet Perez

    I love this product. My house smells great !!! I will recommend this product

  47. Don Rever

    well packaged. easy to use. excellent variety of scents

  48. Michelle Hernandez

    I love the large size & the fill cup is so useful.

  49. Max Pagel

    Good so far I just started using it today but from what I’ve been told it is an amazing product

  50. Alexis Taylor

    It’s pretty and works well. It’s very quiet and the lights are pretty cool!

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