Diffuserlove Essential Oil Diffuser 500ML Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

(2207 customer reviews)
  • 【500ML Great Improve Air Qualities】 Large 500ml water capacity that can continue use up to 10 hours each time. Humidifiers can product a large number of negative oxygen ion sterilize, to purify the air quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect you family from excessively dry air!
  • 【Mute Design】 Deep Sleep ≤ 20dB, run steady and noiselessly, give you a quiet and comfortable environment. Replenish water and nutrition into cells, make skin moist, clean, white and natural.
  • 【 Greatest Gift Choice】Large tank, Easy to clean, BPA free, Multiple mist nebulizer modes and timer, and auto shut-off to protect the device. Multi-functional Essential oil humidifier be built for family life. Your perfect gift.
  • 【7 LED Atmosphere Lamp】 7-color cycle, 1-color fixed. You can choose to cycle them through, freeze on one fixed color and create a different atmosphere of interior space or turn the light off.
  • 【WARRANTY】100% new and one year warranty. If you have any issue with your diffuser, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount!



※As Diffuser, the Ultrasonic design ensure the oil diffuser control the smooth mist for long time. Through essential oils could be used to boost your mood and help prevent allergies as well as from passive smoking.

※As Humidifiers, to increase the moisture in your room. And it will add oxygen molecule to the air that is helpful to relax your body and fall asleep faster, perform better, and enjoy life more.

500ml capacity humidifiers, mist lasts much longer, enjoy life while you can.

※When time is up or there is no water, diffusers device will turn off automatically.

7 Different colors: Green, Dark blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Light blue, White, the mood in different places will be given, imperceptibly influences people’s feelings.

Perfect Gift No matter the occasion, your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, business partners, clients, and more, will truly appreciate it if you have thought of giving them these multifunctional and reliable essential oil diffusers.

Diffuserlove Diffuserlove Diffuserlove Diffuserlove Diffuserlove
Diffuserlove 500ML Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifiers Diffuserlove Max 200ml Diffuser&Night-Light Diffuserlove 2 Pack 200ml Diffuser&Night-Light Diffuserlove 550ml Wood Grain Diffuser Diffuserlove 500ml Wood Grain Diffuser
Capacity 500ML 200ML 200ML 550ML 500ML
Material PP PP PP PP PP
BPA Free
Working Time 10H 6H 6H 12H 10H
Timer Setting ON-60′-120′-180′ 3H/ON/(30s intermittent) 3H/ON/(30s intermittent) 1H-3H-6H-ON 1H-3H-6H-ON
Waterless Auto-off
7 LED Lights

2207 reviews for Diffuserlove Essential Oil Diffuser 500ML Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

  1. Vivienne Schuster

    I really like the product. It diffuses my room with a pleasant smell!

  2. Suzy Weston

    I’m definitely purchasing again for my family members. I love the price and how fast is arrived.

  3. Laurie Engle

    Works well. Runs quietly.
    Will buy again.
    Looks nice

  4. Ramona Chamberlain

    Haven’t had the product long enough to test it’s longevity. I hope it is a good diffuser!

  5. Jeremy Teach

    I like your product, excellent design very functional aesthetically pleasing and soothes my soul!

  6. Malte Dieckelmann

    Easy, Good looking and simple to use. Will keep using it

  7. Cathy

    I got it as a Christmas present. But it seems like it is well constructed. I am curious about the quality of the essential oils.

  8. Jamie Brooks

    This diffuser is wonderful! Not only do the essential oils smell nice, but it really helps in my breathing because I have bad sinus issues.


    Smells good, use it for house oders i have one in my bathroom and kitchen

  10. Vishaal Saravanan

    First of all, the unique product design attracted me, followed by the unique ability to switch colours is added benefit, the product can also be used as a night lamp, or the decor piece is excellent. With the free essential oil package, this makes one of the best deals in the market. This is perfect for a small room, where one likes to spend most of their time. Overall it’s just perfect

  11. Monica Foster Paul

    This was a Christmas gift and I have not used the product yet.

  12. Andrea Köszegi-Györkös

    Diffuser ist gut verarbeitung. Timer, Intesitat,Farbe kannst du einstellung. Es hat Fernbedienung. Das ist super! Die Paket kommt mit arterische öl. Sehr gute Preis!

  13. Dieter Metzinger

    Good product i Love ist. Long Time to ein. Extreme quired.

  14. Eliana Casa Nova Giestal

    I only used it once , but all it’s a good product.. I hope it doesn’t brake fast like my others . So thanks for the product and the extras.

  15. Nadin Robnitzki

    I just bought the product a day agieren and so far und realy enjoy it. I like the smell of it, also it helps me to relax and chillout when i come home from work.
    Thank you for this wonderfull product !!

  16. Lisamarie King

    Love how it works, it quite and make me relax.

  17. Aysham Chaudry

    Good product, works well. I like that its 500 ml so it works for the entire apartment.

  18. Racheal Lynn

    I wish the High/Low would show a light when you click it so you know which one you’re on. I wish it lasted a little longer and thinking I need to figured out the low setting to help it last longer like my other one does (a different brand). I also wish the company logo was on the backside or on the bottom- it kind clashes with my décor with having a clean, polished area.

  19. Destinee Lecount

    I just got it so far i like it .

  20. Tina Steward

    The scents are amazing and fragrant lasting a longtime in the diffuser and I love the quality.

  21. Stacy Davis

    Holds lots of water. Diffuses all night. Great diffuser.

  22. Brahimy Checo Suriel RP- 79501

    I love it its very quiet, its very good for the fragrance and its help with allergy, andi love the essential oils are terapeutic.

  23. Seamus Smith

    We thought it was a great deal without the oils. My wife actually said when we ordered: “There’s no way that price includes oils.” When the box arrived, it included oils!

  24. Rica Alexandra

    I need one more for my mens doughter… i bye it now

  25. Konstantin Merk

    It’s all fine. Design and colors are wonderful.

  26. Princess Friebus

    I like the size and it’s perfect in my apartment

  27. angeles flores

    the discusser is very easy to use, it looks very nice in my living room. I like the lights.


    Very nice product for the price

  29. Sabrina schweimler

    Das Produkt verspricht was es hält würde ich gerne mehr von empfehlen

  30. Donna Bryan-Gardner

    My last 1 stopped blowing not sure why but I have others and they work fine. My family and friends ask and all have them know.

  31. Marc Andre Heidenreich

    Looks great! Nice LED colors! Also I like that it comes with a remote

  32. Glenn Perry

    Very good mist function. Easy to setup and clean.

  33. Rasna Malhotra

    it’s great!! it smells amazing, it looks really pretty and i love it

  34. Pam winders

    It makes the house smell so good I love it so much I’m thinking about buying another one

  35. Jens Engelmann

    So far OK, just the 2 settings for the high low not clear which option is chosen.

  36. Joseph Maag

    Good replacement for previous make/model diffuser.

  37. Buffie Blackledge

    Love this diffuser! Love that it has a timer and lights.

  38. Valeria Poliak

    Convenient and not loud; love intermittent function.

  39. Aparna Vanapalli

    So far it’s working good. Mist seemed low even on high. Smells good when I put oil in the water.

  40. Dimitris Tsitsonis

    I really like it but I think that the oil aroma could be a little stronger

  41. Jarom velasquez

    It is amazing i sleep better and have good moods.

  42. Airon Delgado

    It’s okay maybe the oils are not Soo strong as I thought

  43. Komal Bal

    Honestly the product has a great design and has beautiful colours which change so often. The usage of this is very simple and delightful and has very amazing smells to choose from!

  44. Amirali

    I just started using it and it’s been pretty good so far.

  45. Simon Doddridge

    Usefull and simple with many oil to use. I like it

  46. Zubeir

    I have just started using it so we will see

  47. Cassandra

    I love the colour change on the device the mist immediately gave my room a fragrance that was long lasting and not overly barring.

  48. Jennifer Sachs

    It helps to plants to grow and release a nice smell at the same time.

  49. Bailey Droppo

    Love it so much I ordered a second one


    I need more time to use the product.

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