Diffuserlove 200ML Essential Oil Diffusers

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  • 【 MAX 200ML Great Improve Air Qualities 】 Essential oil diffuser humidifiers can product a large number of negative oxygen ion sterilize, remove dust and purify air effectively. Portable for baby room, bedroom, office, spa, kitchen, and more!
  • 【 Easily Operation and Lower Noise 】 Drop essential oils into ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers(below -35dB), run steady and noiselessly, give you a quiet and comfortable environment. Replenish water and nutrition into cells, make skin moist, clean, white and natural.
  • 【 Streamlined design of 7 LED Lights 】Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser have 7 different colors. You can choose to cycle them through, freeze on one fixed color and create a different atmosphere of interior space or turn the light off.
  • 【 Waterless Auto Shut-off Function 】Once the water runs out, it will be auto shut-off to protect the device. Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving.
  • 【 If you have any issue with your diffuser, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount! We have great faith in our essential oil diffusers. After all, we use them in our homes ourselves!


3015 reviews for Diffuserlove 200ML Essential Oil Diffusers

  1. Ishea Allen

    I love it, And also the remote, I don’t have to get up and walk to it just to turn on/off. Getting another very soon. The best!

  2. Domenica Gomez

    I really like this product! It’s great.

  3. Erika Scott

    Works great in my office. I actually bought two of them.

  4. sallema graham

    This product is extremely good! I live it!!

  5. Stephanie Thobe

    The product is super cute and convenient. I like that it has the light in it as well. The settings and set up are simple and easy to use.

  6. Krystel Fortis

    Really simple and easy I like it enough to tell people about it

  7. Mykala

    I love it!! It is nice that the colors change and that I can keep it on a timer!!

  8. Elva Castanuela

    I bought this diffuser for my daughter and it just arrived today. I like that it has a remote but I will need to see how my daughter likes it. So far so good.

  9. Charlotte A Jensen

    Very easy to use, the steam is very powerful and I love the remote!

  10. Janette R Cooper

    I like the over all diffuser. I now was it every night. Only thing I would change is that the tiny lights used to indicate 1 -continues, 2- 3 hours,- 3 on/off are way to bright … I am light sensitive sleeper… I did some MacGyvering and now its just right only a little bit of light. Works great and us it every night.

  11. Randi Hento

    Very nice size, it is easy to use, andworks well!0

  12. Kennedy White

    I’ve used it for about 4 days and I really like it. I use it every night.

  13. Jeanaye Perkey

    So far so good. I literally just started using it, so I don’t have too much of an opinion yet. I like the remote feature. Most defusers that I looked at don’t have that option. Right now I’m still just trying to figure out thw settings.

  14. Reniga Wolff

    I love it, come with remote. The price is right
    Highly recommended

  15. hope callesen

    I love it so much. The lights are so calming and relaxing. Going to buy another one for my girls.

  16. Jasmin Andarge

    its really good . but i need the essential oil to use it more.

  17. Nathaly Roa

    Love the remote control feature

  18. Estelle

    I love that this comes with a remote. I also like that you can use it with essential oils although I got this to use with my foster kittens.
    Using a humidifier when they have upper respiratory infections helps break it up so they can breathe.

  19. Cassandra Geise

    For the price, it has has nice features to it, like the colors and the timers. The size is perfect for my small room as well. I’ve used it for a couple days and it works very well. I’m very pleased with it!

  20. Nicole Williams

    I love the compact size and the remote!!

  21. Ariana Rios

    Thank you..I’m liking my new devise

  22. Shikha Dayma

    The only design flaw I feel is that the top part doesn’t lock once I put the water.

  23. Laura Robinson

    I really like the diffuser it’s really nice

  24. Eddie Morales

    The product is good and for the prices is better

  25. Nick Smith

    I really love it. I live the different setting it has. And the colors that change.

  26. Main Family

    Tiny but mighty!! I am very happy with our purchase of the 200ml diffuser! The diffusers size makes it perfect for enjoying differing scents in individual rooms throughout the home, without becoming overpowering or enduring ‘scent competition’between rooms!. What’s surprising though is that when this diffusers mist setting is turned to intermittent it can easily fill our entirel living room and kitchen!! Quite impressive to be sure!!

  27. Lori Ridley

    I like the color changes, the fact that it’s quiet and the way it looks.

  28. Alyson Nichole Fischer

    I like how it adds moisture to the air.

  29. James W Smith II

    Too early for a true review. Looks great, seems to work properly.

  30. Emma Turner

    This product is absolutely beautiful. I love the color changing and the remorte

  31. Omar chapman

    Hi good day hope all is well

    I bought five 5 diffusers from Amazon and got 5 gift cards. Will I get 5 gifts? If so can I get all shipped one time one package

    I am so interested in buying in bulk or wholesale price.

    Can I same info about being a distributor


  32. Leah Letterman

    i really loved this product and it was exactly what i needed in my room to smell good. thank you so much!!

  33. Tina

    Love the design and the functionality

  34. Shaneta Kirby

    So far I think it’s cool! I would probably recommend it to some family members.

  35. Alyssa Garrett

    I havent tried it yet, just opened! But based on the reviews I have read, Im so eager to try it and if my expectations are met (which Im sure they will be!) I’m definitely going to recommend to my friends and family. Thank you!

  36. Afonso family

    Its perfect everyone in my home love it

  37. Susan Phillips

    This is a great diffuser. It’s a good size and I really like the light colors. The remote is super convenient.

  38. Amelia Paulino Melendez

    Me gusta por qué me relaja a la hora de dormír y mantiene mi habitación con un gran aroma

  39. Delylah Pagaduan

    I love it!! It’s a great size for my dorm and still is able to make my whole room smell great 🙂

  40. Norma burkhart

    I really like it’s simplicity and it is quite pleasant to look at as well

  41. Katie Hwang

    I just got the product and so far I love the features and the convenience of it!

  42. Zemeni Jimenez

    Love the size and you can change the color and perfect for a small room or your house

  43. Vicki Malle

    Small enough to fit on my nightstand. Pretty cute

  44. Yariadna

    It is my first time to use it and I hope to continue using it every day since I love the scents

  45. Megan Ordin

    Perfect for office space and the remote is a plus. Better than a fan diffuser which are too noisy.

  46. Keysha Graham

    Just start using product today

  47. Christina smith

    Like how small it is, the color changing. The price was not bad at all will be getting more soon

  48. Glodean Arvisu

    It works well. My daughter love it in her room.

  49. Edgar Angulo

    fabulous, excellent, eye-catching design, decorative, functional

  50. 11

    Easy-to-use and functional for what i need it for i love the vibrant color

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