Diffuserlove 200ML Essential Oil Diffusers

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  • 【 MAX 200ML Great Improve Air Qualities 】 Essential oil diffuser humidifiers can product a large number of negative oxygen ion sterilize, remove dust and purify air effectively. Portable for baby room, bedroom, office, spa, kitchen, and more!
  • 【 Easily Operation and Lower Noise 】 Drop essential oils into ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers(below -35dB), run steady and noiselessly, give you a quiet and comfortable environment. Replenish water and nutrition into cells, make skin moist, clean, white and natural.
  • 【 Streamlined design of 7 LED Lights 】Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser have 7 different colors. You can choose to cycle them through, freeze on one fixed color and create a different atmosphere of interior space or turn the light off.
  • 【 Waterless Auto Shut-off Function 】Once the water runs out, it will be auto shut-off to protect the device. Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving.
  • 【 If you have any issue with your diffuser, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount! We have great faith in our essential oil diffusers. After all, we use them in our homes ourselves!


3015 reviews for Diffuserlove 200ML Essential Oil Diffusers

  1. Jennifer Strom

    Love that is a small design very strong scent. The remote is convenient and I like the different options

  2. G Stella

    Very easy to set-up, use, and figure out the functions.

  3. Fredeline Devalcin

    I’m enjoying the product so far, and i already recommend my sister about the product

  4. Amy Harrington

    Love the remote control. The lights and how small the product is. Great for my new office.

  5. Sruthi Sudhakaran

    Diffuser works well. I love the different light colors and even though it’s small, you can smell the oil in the whole room. Highly recommended

  6. Elsie Figueroa

    I love that it’s a cheap portable diffuser with a remote as well!! It’s so convenient

  7. Mareesa Singleton

    So far the new product is great. It works well and is easy to use. I would recommend this product.

  8. Paula Tomaszek

    It is very easy to be used and the remote is helpful

  9. Afton N. Ginlock

    Works well; easy setup. Love the remote

  10. Ruke Onovae

    This was very good for my health, I bought diffuser and it’s quiet and runs very well for a long time. Will be rev commending this and using it in the future.

  11. Keandra McCall

    Its awesome and would recommend it to anyone

  12. Amnah Jambi

    I like the product because of the beautiful design and functionality due to the remote control.

  13. Tracey Copeland

    It is very nice has a soft finish and a smooth lights and the pacakaging was great

  14. Corey sims

    good excellent product i would recommend and it has a vert Smooth power quite motor that will.last for quite some years

  15. Emeri Newell

    It’s smells good and I got it for our house and we love it smells and works nice.

  16. Muna Tripathi

    I like the product very much. It has a remote control feature which is extremely handy.

  17. Alondra Silva

    This is perfect for my dorm! I was hoping to try aromatherapy to sleep better and this just works perfectly. I cannot wait to try out my scents!

  18. Ralph Guerrier

    I purchased this diffuser for my bathroom. I love the size and that it’s remote operated. Only feature that I wish it had, is a Bluetooth connection. Besides that it’s a great purchase.

  19. Erica Shaw

    I like this product. I’m definitely excited with the color changing option with remote. It’s the remote for me❤️

  20. Erin Newton

    So far it works great! I like the light features and the night time and auto shut off. The humidifying feature is an added bonus!

  21. Branden McLenon

    I would love it if the lid didn’t fall off when I grab it to pick it up.

  22. Anthony Ferrandino

    It’s nice easy to use small and compact

  23. Margarita Dorado

    Love it. It’s great. The price is good. It’s a good size and it fits where I wanted to put it. The shipping was fast. It got here the next day. Looks exactly how it was advertised. The reviews were good. Great produce super happy they offered a warranty

  24. Chanel Lindor

    N/a I don’t have anything else to say about product I saw the code for something free so here I am.

  25. Prasana Francis

    Works like a charm! Love the remote! For the price cant beat it!

  26. Sarah Durant

    I enjoy this product so far it is my first defuser and I am looking for to trying new oils

  27. Sonia cardenas

    I like it a lot it’s super relaxing and I’ll definitely tell my friends and family

  28. Lisa A Melvin

    I love the product. I have over 10 in my house. The fragrance is awesome and I love the way they make my house smell.

  29. Emily Martinez

    It’s so cute! I love it! It’s so small and compact! It lights up my room and I cannot wait to use it with some essential oils! I mainly bought it for calming my anxiety and it seems to be helping out so far!

  30. Elizabeth arciga

    Super cool and convient, has my room smelling good

  31. Amy Wickstrom

    My daughter bought this as a gift for her brother who likes the smell of oils she uses in her bedroom. He likes it a lot.

  32. Jesus Pacheco

    It makes me more relaxed when I use it

  33. Brandi Jones

    It puts out an amazing amount of mist and it auto shuts off and you can select your lighting preferences which is cool!

  34. Shannon Hoke

    Very much enjoying it! Perfect size for my room and small enough to travel with.

  35. Abby Aceves

    I have one in all our bedrooms now, every family member is loving them! We already need more oils because we are using them so much!

  36. Kim Ollendorf

    Very easy to use and set up, didn’t take long to fill the house with smell and the light looks very nice.

  37. Sabrina heath

    It’s very quiet, so it won’t disturb me when I sleep. It looks good with my decorations, and it works perfectly!

  38. Angie Black-Seals

    None at moment. Purchased to avoid dust and spiders.

  39. paul

    I have enjoyed the product to this point. To issues with activity. Works as described.

  40. Naisargi Pandya

    Nice product liked it very much

  41. Joanna

    My son ordered one and I had to ask him to order me one as well! Very easy to use and affordable. We currently have 2, one in each room and it smells great!

  42. Leonel Hernandez

    I saw this product at a friends house and immediately asked for the name, I love the lights and diffuser smell. Within seconds my room smells great. Easy to work and very simple

  43. Melanie Credit

    I havent used it yet but I like the color and price. The reviews were good so I decided to give it a try.

  44. Michelle Avans Farmer

    It works perfectly. I’m glad I bought it. I would like to buy a few more for all the rooms in the house. The small one I bought works great in small & medium sized rooms.

  45. Nicole Fleming

    We purchased this after loving one just like it. We wanted another one because it works so well!

  46. Anita Freienmuth

    Got this for my work desk, cute and works well.

  47. demetrice kelley

    I just received this diffuser, but so far it works perfectly and i have no complaints.

  48. Jorge R Lopez

    A really good product! Easy to use!

  49. Latoya Y Thomas

    This is tiny but great gets the job done. I wish it lasted alittle longer but it does the job. I love the oils to match it. This company is great with all there products i am happy with everything i buy

  50. Nicolle Atkinson

    I really like this diffuser. It had a great price and the light can be shut off. I like it dark when I sleep. The output is exactly what I want and the look is a steric ally pleasing. Plus you can’t beat that it comes with a warranty

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