Diffuserlove 2 Pack Max 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser

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  • 【 MAX 200ML Great Improve Air Qualities 】 Essential oil diffuser humidifiers can product a large number of negative oxygen ion sterilize, remove dust and purify air effectively. Portable for baby room, bedroom, office, spa, kitchen, and more!
  • 【 Easily Operation and Lower Noise 】 Drop essential oils into ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers(below -35dB), run steady and noiselessly, give you a quiet and comfortable environment. Replenish water and nutrition into cells, make skin moist, clean, white and natural.
  • 【 Streamlined design of 7 LED Lights 】Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser have 7 different colors. You can choose to cycle them through, freeze on one fixed color and create a different atmosphere of interior space or turn the light off.
  • 【 Waterless Auto Shut-off Function 】Once the water runs out, it will be auto shut-off to protect the device. Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving.
  • 【 WARRANTY 】100% new with two years warranty. If you have any issue with your diffuser, do not hesitate to contact us – your satisfaction is paramount! We have great faith in our essential oil diffusers. After all, we use them in our homes ourselves!


4261 reviews for Diffuserlove 2 Pack Max 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser

  1. Ashley D Thorn

    Excited to try them out! My best friends uses them and recommended them to me!

  2. Nicole Carrillo

    I love these just need to get a bigger version these run out so frequently

  3. Beth McNabb

    I like the way it changes colors and lights up the room. The flow that comes out is very relaxing.

  4. Erin Williams

    First day having the product. So far everything works fine the house smells great

  5. Pamela García

    Is really easy to use, I like the auto off and looks pretty cool at the office

  6. Debra Allen

    I saw this product at the Dentist’s office. I just got the product today so I haven’t tried it yet.

  7. Ashley Crays

    The 2 pack was an economical way to try essential oil diffusing

  8. Nathan Massey

    We just received the 2 pack diffusers. So far we love the lights and the quite functions. It made our home smell like peppermint.

  9. Karen Brunner

    Love having the 2 pack. I keep one down stairs and use the other in our bedroom.

  10. JoyRae Davis Shuman

    Love the light changing colors. I have it on my desk in my office and it is so nice to have it run throughout the day while working. Thanks!

  11. Benjamin M Rosato

    Love the colors and amount of steam that comes from it

  12. Latasha Williams

    The two for 1 and the low price are what drew me to the item. It isn’t as powerful as I thought it would be, but I like it. I’m giving the second one to my sister. Hopefully she will like it also.

  13. Makayla little

    I like the simple design & easy to use features .

  14. Lindsey Willis

    Just started using it and they are amazing

  15. Anne Dickinson

    I liked the dual pack and the smaller size for smaller areas and less counter space

  16. Jennifer Mallot

    I just received the item yesterday and I haven’t used it yet but excited about the two pack I now have one for work and one for home

  17. Cenaida Garcia

    It is very convenient in size.

  18. shelton stevens

    simple to use, I like the different color scheme display, great price and warranty.. works well, greaty safety features with auto cutoff.

  19. shelton stevens

    the whole family loves it, the product is well worth the price I paid for them. the only suggestion I have is to look at a way to have the lid where it would not come off so easily.

  20. Shea Paul

    We are very happy with these diffusers, they are working awesome and we’re such a great price we will recommend to everyone

  21. Donna Buser

    Appears to be well made. Great deal for 2 diffusers. Love the dual function- my kids love the color changing lights for a nightlight in their rooms. Love that a lifetime warranty is offers since the last diffusers ordered from a different company didn’t hold up for a long period of time.

  22. Ravi Patel

    I love the smell of the oil. Best flavor is the orange scent.

  23. Madalyn Andersen

    Great product. Would recommend to friends and family!

  24. Ashley Ray

    Works great, just what I was looking for!!!

  25. Julieta Pina

    Weak mist but I like that it has a small footprint. Holds decent amount of water for its size.

  26. Martha Meeks

    So far I love the product. I love that the plug is on the side instead of underneath. I love the intermittent setting and the lights are nice.

  27. Christi Shipley

    Works just like it should. Runs for 3 hours before cutting off on it’s on. I’ve been using it for a few days now with no issues.

  28. Ryndi Nelson

    Working great so far and loving the new aroma in the house!

  29. Gregory Short

    Good for what I needed it for. Love being able to change the direction of the mist. The color schemes are pretty cool too

  30. Natalie Gray

    We love our diffusers. We moved from Florida to Pennsylvania so these are really helping our breathing and skin.

  31. Kristy Bryan

    Product is as promised. Runs quietly and efficiently.

  32. Monica Bernal

    Awesome product. Super excited to use it. It’s super helpful and keeps my house smelling clean.

  33. Jesse Rivera

    So far, so good. Already put them up and they look amazing

  34. Brooke Close

    We haven’t used it very much. Just got the product today. Gonna be using it a lot as long as it works.

  35. Nicole Tsimos

    Works great ! Love the color function.

  36. Denise Harding

    These are great for the price i have one for the bedroom and one for tge living room. Love the features it as has well

  37. Brandy Miller

    easy to use, nice diffuse, great smell

  38. Sheri Reed

    So far so good.. I just received it today and it seems to be working ok..

  39. Lindsey Falcone

    A little on louder side but I am obsessed with these! Insanely easy to use & even though small, I think it’s powerful for a larger room, especially with open floor plan. Our home feels zen, we are very thankful. Thank you!

  40. Martika Small

    The product was easy to assemble. It is very quiet during operation. I am using the product in my bedroom for a calming and soothing night’s sleep. I am looking to purchase more diffusers to place in every room of my home.

  41. Oumou Ezzedine

    I love the design, and the different light functions. It is very easy to refill with water as well.

  42. Suzette Drummonds

    It’s exactly what I was looking for !

  43. Rachel Jones

    It’s great! I just got it today but am excited to try it out.

  44. Lisa Ann

    Love it!! So cute, and affordable. I really love the color changing that goes on with it automatically. It’s easy to set up and easy to clean!

  45. Elaine Fitzgerald

    I love these oil diffusers. The color changes are beautiful. They also help put the moisture into the air to keep us from getting sick

  46. Paula Hildebrand

    I just received it 3 days ago. I ordered it due to my mother’s and my allergies. I have both units in our bedrooms. So far we both love them. I especially love the lights and the automatic shut off when the water runs out.

  47. Kallie Linzy

    I love the quality of these oils!

  48. Jen Hayes

    I have used it one day so far. I like it the quietness, the amount of mist and the lights. I have not used any essentials oils yet but I hope I like those too.

  49. Shawnee Reese

    Product is small but powerful, light & love the color change❣️

  50. Angela Norris

    This no grill product provides what I’m looking for though it’s not as large as I expected nor does it flood the room with aroma for long periods of time. It’s a good starter product.

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